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Corporate Information

A company established to serve our people for a healthy life to build a healthy nation.

Name Of Company

CFC Healthcare(Pvt)Ltd.

Date Of Incorporation


Company Registration Number

PV 122303

Legal Form

A Private Company with limited liability incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act,No.07 of 2007

Board Of Directors

N.L. Aluthge - Chairman
J.D.S.P. Wickramarathne - Director
A.M. Priyantha Adhikari - Director

Registered Address

10/62A,2nd Lane,
Bodhiya Road, Mirihana,
Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.

Telephone No

(+94)011 2841655



Nature Of The Business





About Us

The story of CFC Health Care begin in 2015, with a small retail pharmacy business with its office in Nugegoda and guided by Chairman Nalaka Aluthge's vision, set out on a trajectory of growth and unyielding passion for excellence that has today, resulted in the company becoming one of the Nation's leading, innovative pharmacy chains.

On October 16th 2015, CFC started out on its jurney by opening its first branch in Thalawathugoda, and by May 16th 2017, after registering as a private limited company, expanded its operations to include a 30-branch network in the span of 5 years.

The CFC Health Care business model is based on the fulfilment of all medicinal requirements of all its customers. To this end the company, in 2015, tied up with Jay Kay Marketing Servises to open pharmacies in Kells branches across the island. Today the company manages 27 such branches.

With the goal of further expanding its branch network, CFC Health Care turned pharmaceutical innovators and introduced the concept of Premium Branches. Designed to encapsulate CFC's ideology of beign more than just a pharmacy, the Premium branch concept is designed to provide customers with an enhanced pharmacy experience and to pass on the benefit of our technologically superior service. CFC envisions opening 15 premium branches in 5 years time their commitment to expansion. The latest in this line being the recently opened Premium Branches Mirihana and Athurugiriya.


Chairman’s Message

Nalaka Aluthge
Chairman, CFC Healthcare.
“It is my great pleasure to welcome you to CFC Health Care (Pvt) Ltd. From our humble beginnings, CFC Health Care has been on a journey of consistent growth, and it has been my privilege to be at its helm.
With our roots firmly grounded in pharmaceuticals, the CFC Health Care team has since its inception been driven to grow and has always embraced expansion with the utmost positivity.
The drive and passion that existed at the company’s birth is still burning today. In fact, It is my sincere belief that it burns brighter and stronger today than when we first embarked on this journey.
CFC Health Care has always been and will continue to be committed to ensuring the availability of quality pharmaceuticals. It has been this unreserved commitment that has earned our client’s loyalty and trust and has been the driving force behind our success.
In closing, I would like to invite you all to join us on our journey as we build today, for a better tomorrow! ”

Our Vision/Mission

Our Vision

  • To be a leader and trailblazer in the Sri Lankan Pharmacy Industry and a name synonymous with superior product and service quality levels that exceed the expectations of our customers and partners.

Our Mission

  • To build a long lasting, steadfast relationship with our customers by providing exceptional customer service and high-quality pharmaceuticals and actively pursuing growth through innovation and incorporation of advanced technologies

Our Core Values/Goals

Our Core Values

  • Respect

At CFC Health Care, we firmly believe in treating our customers with respect, as it is by respecting our customers that we earn their respect and loyalty.

  • Growth Through Creativity

At CFC Health Care, each team member is given the freedom of creativity, as it is by employing our inherent creativity true growth can be achieved.

  • Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and Integrity is the very core of our business ethics and permeates all aspects of our business functions.

Our Goals

  • Regional expansion in the field of retail pharmaceuticals and the continuous development of a strong and loyal customer base.
  • To research and obtain worldwide innovations in pharmacy technologies and concepts and introduce these to Sri Lanka through our widespread branch network thereby passing on the benefit of new technologies and concepts to our customers.
  • To build up an earned reputation in the field of retail pharmaceuticals as a market leader and solidify the company’s status as a key player in the industry.

Our Network

“CFC opened its first pharmacy in Keells Super, Thalawathugoda as part of a 30-outlet agreement over a period of 4 years, with Jay Kay Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd. (A Subsidiary of the John Keells Group). Today, CFC Health Care operates a branch network 27 outlets in Keells Supermarkets located around the island. CFC Health care has since its inception envisioned and created a widespread network of pharmacies to ensure maximum customer reach. Our approach to establishing this network has been a combination of enhanced presence through physical branches, supermarket branches, and a virtual branch vide our state-of-the-art website and customer portal. CFC Healthcare has curated an island wide branch network to ensure customer accessibility and reach. To date the company hosts a network of premium outlets in Kottawa, Athurugiriya, Mirihana and upcoming in Palmadulla in addition to its 27 branches.”

Our Online Presence

“Aside from its physical branch network, CFC Healthcare is taking customer accessibility to the next level. Taking pharmaceutical retail online, CFC Healthcare has launched one of the nation’s premier online pharmacy;


076 655 32 32 an online pharmaceutical dispensary like no other, customers will be able to order both over the counter and prescription medicines online on submission of a valid doctor’s prescription, as well as be able to avail themselves of our full pharmaceutical range of herbal, cosmetic and other products, backed by a state-of-the-art payment gateway. ”

Board Of Directors

The CFC Healthcare Management team spearheaded by its chairman, is made up of an elite panel of hand-picked experts across several disciplines whose collective talents, knowledge and skillsets give CFC its innovative edge and drives the company onwards and upwards.


N.L. Aluthge


A.M. Priyantha Adhikari


J.D.S.P. Wickramarathne