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The best after sales counselling platform in Sri Lanka — The best after sales counselling platform in Sri Lanka
cfc healthcare pharmacy

Company Overview

CFC Health care (Pvt) Ltd, founded in May 2017, is in the retail pharmaceutical business. The company opened its first store at Keells Super in Thalawathugoda. CFC Health care (Pvt) Ltd agreed to open 30 stores within four years with JK Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd (a subsidiary of the Jhon Keells Group). We have now expanded our business to General Trade and further expanded into modern trading.

As a growth prospect, CFC Health care (Pvt) Ltd is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Sri Lanka. As we move into the world of updates, we become aware of new system updates and innovative technologies and stay up to date with technology. For the first time in Sri Lanka, we plan to introduce product selection and touch screen use through artificial intelligence technology. We also consider it our duty to launch customer counseling programs to collaborate with technology and artificial intelligence to update new systems. As a target of the company, CFC Health care (Pvt) Ltd plans to become the number one pharmacy Branches in Sri Lanka in the coming years.

Our business model is based on meeting all the pharmaceutical needs of the customers who come to us. The aim of our business is not only to make a profit but also to provide the best pharmaceutical products to the people. We believe that under the guidance of healthcare professionals, it is our responsibility to help patients receive their medication properly and to avoid adverse effects.

cfc healthcare pharmacy
cfc healthcare pharmacy


To be a pioneer in the Sri Lankan pharmaceutical industry by introducing new experiences through innovation and advanced technology while providing a safe and high-quality pharmaceutical service that exceeds the expectations of our valued customers.


To become the number one pharmacy Branches in Sri Lanka in the retail pharmaceutical industry in a short period by providing safe and excellent patient care in a professional and respectful environment, maintaining strong long-term relationships with our customers. To Introduce touch screen usage through product selection, coordination, and customer counseling to collaborate with artificial intelligence technology to update new systems.

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