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Eva Dritex Heavy Flow Wings Napkins 8s

Eva Dritex Heavy Flow Wings Napkins 8s

Rs. 300.00

Newly improved with an additional Antibacterial layer enhanced with green tea extract to prevent bacterial growth, control odour & maximize absorbency, Eva Dritex Heavy Flow napkins provide long-lasting dryness securely held in place with wider wings along with a dry weave top sheet and 6 channel liquid dispersion technology. Ideal for those with heavy flows, this napkin is longer in length to provide you with extra protection and comfort throughout the day.

SKU   : SKU00477
Category   : Hygiene care

Quick facts

We are all wonderfully unique, which is why our broad range of personal hygiene care products has something for everyone! With an array of sanitary pads to suit different skin types and flows, the Eva Cotton Feel Napkin range is specifically designed to keep you comfortable throughout the day while the Eva Dritex range with its dry weave layer offers a superior smooth and dry feel. Our premium and daily ranges include ultra-thin pads, panty liners and so much more!

Volume 8 PC
Brand EVA
Weight 100.00 G
Type Device

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